We introduce CovidCam to help us mitigate the spread of coronavirus. Whether you are going to work, shopping, university, or using public transportation, Covidcam will remind you to wear a mask or thank you for wearing one and measure your temperature.

 The artificial neural system embedded in the camera allow covidcam to react in real-time offline without a third-party cloud or data sharing agreement to keep our data also safe.  

Covidcam allows monitoring places cost-effectively and responsively to help you make better decisions and keep the community safe.


    • An 8 MB camera with wide-view and high-resolution (1296 X 972) calibrated sensor for video streaming while capturing single images with time and location reference. The camera algorithms rely on different AI models to detect different objects, classify scenes, and recognise instant actions.
    • A heat camera 64 X 64, up to 300 degree celecius.
    • WIFI connection
    • Communication channels for reporting detecting information

    • Mask detection
    • Temperature detection and localisation for humans and objects