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URBAN-i Box V2 is the second generation of URBAN-i Box, with a slim design to harmonize with the surroundings and understand more about the environment with the plenty of sensors on board. It is  an AI-embedded camera that generates synchronized data. As it watches, it learns how city systems interact to produce risk, proving actionable insights. When a person is riding a bike and has a near miss, URBAN-i sees the whole scene, from how he/she was cycling to what the weather was like and the conditions of the road surface to work out the most likely contributing factors. The core elements of URBAN-i are the computer vision algorithms and the sensor design.



    • An 8 MB camera with wide-view and high-resolution (1296 X 972) calibrated sensor for video streaming while capturing single images with time and location reference. The camera algorithms rely on different AI models to detect different objects, classify scenes, and recognise instant actions.
    • A Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) sensor that uses the direct flight time to measure the reflected light to a distance of up 12 metres for both indoor and outdoor. The sensor is calibrated to detect safe and unsafe distance for transport modes.
    • An environmental sensor that integrates data related to temperature, humidity, pressure and gas sensing for air quality. The sensor is calibrated to automatically determine the concentration of particles of Carbon monoxide, Nitrogen dioxide, and Alcohol in indoor and outdoor scenes.
    • A low powered screen to provide vital information to users such as Disk capacity, battery level, multi-sensor readings, and butt